Things that I can help you with.

Promo videos

Promo video can help you introduce your company, service or products in a short period of time. Your target audience then can easily understand your message quickly without any hard work or searching. It is a new standard in presentation and brings great competition advantage.

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Commercial, video sketches


Commercials or video sketches ar great solution for ppc campaigns and other sort of audience targeting. With that type of content you can target your audience with better results and cheaper conversions. I will help you bring out what makes your product or service stand out and show it to your audience.

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If you plan to throw a cool event presentation, public speech or epic wedding and you want people to see it, the solution is clear, let´s film it.

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Apart from filming, pictures are also a great form of presentation, let´s create content for your website, commercial or other media so you can show your brand to the world.

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Creative ideas

Are you trying to create a concept, vision or a way for your brand? Let´s brainstorm it together.

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What´s the process like?

First step is a meeting, where we can talk and discuss ideas. We will share vision, first thoughts and possible ways how to approach it. After that, we will create the concept. When this is all agreed on, I will create a price calculation . Preparation, location scouting and the whole preproduction is necessary before we go all in. The filming itself is usually easy if all the steps before go smoothly. Then the editing start where most of the magic happens. You will receive first draft where we can adjust the whole koncept. I will always make sure that the final result is 100% and we are both happy with the results.