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Wedding photography, that tells a story.
Moments saved forever.


Each wedding has it´s own story, what happened before and what´s coming next. I see beauty of present moment and I aim to capture it the best way possible with pictures and videos . Each wedding is special in a way and that´s how I approach every single one.

The whole wedding from start to finish – 600 $ + travel expenses.
Photographing preparations, ceremony, group photos, traditions finished with splitting the cake – 400 $ + travel expenses.

Would you like to have a memory, that you can playback at any time? I create wedding videos of around 3-5 minutes, where I capture atmosphere, emotions and the very special moments of your day.

Starting price of wedding videos is 500 $ and it depends on multiple factors, so get in touch to get your price.

Are you interested to work with me? Contact via the form below.
Or call this number: +420 604522381